Wednesday, August 24, 2016

White Jasmine

Jasmine (Jasminum sambac Ait) is one of the flowers that are used widely, society has a fairly high economic value, very utilitarian and much needed as a raw material for industry. To increase the income of farmers in the farming budget needs to be increased as well as varietal improvements ditakukan quantity as well as quality flowers. Use of Paclobutrazol expected to speed up the time of flowering Jasmine so faster production. The size of the place of planting (pot) is suspected to affect peiiumbuhan root so the affects the absorption of nutrient substance ' as well as the growing regulatory substances are given so that in the end will affect the growth and produksitanaman. It tried to look for the right concentration of Paclobutrazol and also combined with various size cropping (pot) in order to produce a crop of jasmine that quickly produce.

Jasmine flowers in everyday life functions as deodorizers, room decorating, pengindah mood, complement traditional ceremony, the sower tomb and others. Since June 5, 1990, the Government has declared the budget as ' puspa bangsa ', because it is used widely, society has a fairly high economic value and are familiar with the environment.

According to Rukmana (1997), germplasm (genetic resources) flora Jasmine comes from the tropics throughout Asia. lndia is known as the origin of the various kinds of jasmine sentrum, jasmine Woods (j. multiflorum), jasmine white (j. sambac), jasmine casablanca (j. officinale) and other species such as j. parkeridan j. revolutum. Other (State) area which became the origin of jasmine sentrum are Indonesia, China and Thailand. Genetic resources of flora growing Jasmine in the world is estimated to be 200 types or species. Jasmine plant position in plant systematics are: Kingdom: Plantae; Division: Spermatophyta; Sub divisions: the island; Class: Dicotyledonae; Order: Oleales; Family: Oleaceae; Genus: Jasminum; Species: Jasminum sambac (l.) w. Ait. ' and others.

Jasmine plants that we know, grew by more than a year (perennial), is an Evergreen shrub and vine. Long or tinggitanaman can reach 3 metres or more, the stalks are woody, spherical to rectangular, berbuku-buku and branched as though merumpun. Short-stemmed leaves, ovoid-shaped leaves helaian, the edges of the leaves are flat, 2.5-10 cm long, 1.5-6 cm breadth ' can live with either an open or ditempaftempat in a little sheltered from sunlight, both in the lowlands or Highlands (1-1000 m above sea level). Jasmine may be freely copied by means of grafting or cuttings of the stem. The jasmine plant is very fond of sunlight, thus very suitable when grown in an open place. So that the plant can grow properly, planting media must be fertile and drainage must be set properly (Suryowinoto, 1997)


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